These pictures are my family from Vietnam that are coming over to live in the USA. 

The first picture on top is my uncle and his wife. They’re already here living in America for about 2 months now in New York with my other uncle’s family that have been living in America for a long time now. It’s crazy because my aunt is like just 2-4 years apart from me! Then my uncle looks like my brother kinda, but an older version of him. o__o

Then the bottom picture is my family from Vietnam that will be coming over soon to live in New York for a bit. They plan on coming to Missouri to live. They might live next door to us because the house next door is for sell. That’s what my mom plans.   I never had any other family that lives close to me other than my older sister and her family. 

Man I hope meeting up with my family in New York isn’t going to be awkward. I know that the house will be jam pack with my relatives. There will be 3  different families living in the same household. Plus not to mention my older sister, nieces, and her husband will be coming up to visit too. Like 2 weeks after I go up there. Crazy. 

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